Refrigeration is one of the two of the highest cost factors in many commercial buildings. We have dealt with Air Conditioning under the Building Tuner Package, however this may also incorporate several products available for Refrigeration.

Options available are:


Easily Installed


Features and Benefits:
  • Regular Energy Savings of up to 33%.
  • Compressor cycle lasts longer, but requency is reduced by up to 80%.
  • Reduced maintenance & downtime.
  • Maintains Food at Safer Temperature Resulting in Less Product Spoilage.
  • Reduces Noise Pollution.
  • Extends Refrigeration Compressor Life by up to 100%
  • One-time Retrofit.  Zero Maintenance.
  • High grade, Food Safe
A different method of controlling the temperature in your chiller unit or coolroom, giving you considerable savings whilst maintaining the integrity of the cold goods and enhancing the temperature control.   Widely used world-wide with major resorts and food chains.   Regular savings of up to 33% - sometimes a lot better with different circumstances
Suitable for:  
  • Shopping Centres
  • Butcher Shops
  • Food Storage
  • Produce Storage
  • Bottle Shops
  • Corner Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Any area with coolrooms or commercial refrigeration.





Simple professional install - Enables easy, non invasive measurement of food temperatures - Reduces heat, noise and vibration within the compressor - Reduces maintenance costs - Adds additional life to the compressor of up to 100% - Startup and close down reduced by 50~70%. 

A low priced product that will save you considerable amounts of energy with your refrigeration costs. 



Optimised Refrigerant Supply (ORS®)

Savings of an average 30% with the elimination of icing in refrigerator.

Encompassing two key processes:

1. Delivery of the required Fixed-Minimum Space temperature.

2. Optimisation of the running time of the compressor to minimise energy consumption.

As the compressor consumes about 95% of the energy used by a refrigerator, (ORS®)s minimisation of its running time delivers world beating energy savings at an average 30% - worldwide.

Follow the link by clicking on the Coolnomix logo below for a full description of the product. Internationally proven and cost effective.

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Evaporator fans in refrigeration systems typically operate at constant speeds, meaning the fans are operating even when the evaporator is not actively cooling the space. Additionally, typical evaporator fans use shaded-pole motors, which are only 10%-35% efficient. 

Energy Management Solutions, through Negawatt Energy Solutions proposes the installation of the Frigitek® controllers, and replacement of fan motors with electronically commutated motors (ECMs).  Frigitek® controllers reduce fan speed down 66% when the compressor is not actively cooling the space.  ECMs operate at approximately 70% efficiency compared to typical shaded-pole motors between 10%-35% efficiency.  Combining the reduction in fan speed during non-cooling time periods, with the increased efficiency of ECMs results in an energy usage reduction of 95%-97% from the evaporator fans.

ECMs are also much less noisy compared to their inefficient counterparts, reduce the drying out of products from unnecessarily high air flow, as well as improve the operating life of the compressor from the reduced fan speeds.

The latest generation Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) are the industry standard for energy efficiency and reliability.


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The new Eon 42 is an Electronically Commutated Motor (EC Motor) for HVAC systems that uses up to 88% less energy while producing
as much as 39% greater airflow and an 18 dB less noise on average.

Depending on the motors in place, duty cycle, and prevailing price of power, upgrading fan coil unit motors in HVAC systems to the
EON 42 generates an expected simple payback period of between .78 to 2.65 years.

Follow the link by clicking on the image below for important data on Airflow, Energy usage, Noise and Heat level reductions with the implementation of the new FCU Eon 42.

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