LED Lighting


Simply by choosing Energy Efficient LED Lighting.

The technology behind LED lighting is constantly evolving and the quality has improved considerably over LED lighting on offer a few years ago. Lights now last longer, have a better quality output, and have a build quality far superior to what was available.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (incorporating LEDZone) is able to supply quality, energy efficient LED lighting to the marketplace and if desired, bundle it up in a total energy reduction plan that will pay dividends from the time of installation.

Follow the links by clicking on the images below for information on just some of our lights.

linear Q waterproof batten light rack novablade skybay 2flood light

Lighting for every purpose, residential to heavy industry.

Energy savings from 50% through to 85% compared to older type lighting.

Click on the LEDZone Logo link below for further information on LED Lighting in our downloadable documents. You will be directed to the website for LEDZone. Then be sure to contact us to see how we are able to assist.

If working with the Building Tuner, we are able to incorporate wireless occupancy sensors and set operating parameters allowing lighting and power circuits controlled to turn off in unoccupied periods and turn on automatically when and if required.

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