Energy Management Solutions, together with it's associates, is geared for site inspections of your commercial property, Australia Wide.

Corner Stores to Factories - Small Business or Large.

We are able to assist reduce your sites energy requirements, cost effectively, by 15% through to 30% as an average. In some instances, we are able to assist even further with some particular jobs recording in excess of 65% savings in some areas.

How do we do it? The process is quite simple. 

Our represent calls on your premises and conducts an in depth inspection of your facility. 

Details gathered will range from type of heating, cooling, air conditioning, lighting and hours of usage.

Other details gained will be the type of system utilized for automation of your lighting facilities, as well as your Building Management System that may be in place.   Copies of electricity accounts for at least three months and authorities are given to us to 'log into' the back end of your electricity usage and obtain at least twelve months of interval data. 

All of this information together with photographs of your premises are handed over to our specialist team who will examine all that information in detail and send you a report on what we are able to do for your bisiness together with our quotation of supply and installation.    The whole process is tightly co-ordinated, down to the last detail and the eventual recycling of old light fittings. 

Suitable for - Hotels & Motels - Clubs - Factories - offices - high rise - shopping centres - supermarkets - convention centres - literally any business with excess power costs.